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Interesting Day Series
Interesting Day Series!
Have your OC have their own UW Peril Series!

Note me for a request!

we'll start at $3USD per page.
Underwater story
I also do underwater short stories. (Or long stories, if you so desire.) Feature your OC(s) with mine in writing if you so desire.

(currently closed)
Underwater Commissions (Colour)
Commission 1: GrayComputer by Twogadia
Commission 2: Son-Void by Twogadia
Same rules as lineart. These ones take longer than lineart, a little warning there.

(currently closed)
Underwater commission (Lineart)
Commission 1: Kirbykid by Twogadia
Commission 2: Victor639514's Foxy by Twogadia
Comission 1: Son-Void by Twogadia
Commission: Victor639514 by Twogadia
Simple. Request your female OC(s) to pose underwater or doing something underwater. Even with my OCs.

Either in points, or $5USD.



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Underwater breathhold artist! Join me in the bubbly, puffed-up cheeked fun!



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Karma EXO Prototype by Twogadia
Karma EXO Prototype
The first of Project Karma's new EXO Armour Suits.

Equipped with a left arm Vulcan minigun, 12-slot explosive shrapnel missile launchers, a multi-purpose hydraulic right arm, with a knife, all mounted on powerful hydraulic legs that can sprint up to 40 miles per hour and leap up to 30 feet, coupled with jump jet packs, all of that despite having 20mm thick steel/carbon fiber plating, this is literally a walking death machine.

Even Bearers should be wary around one of these machines, let alone a squad of them.

This prototype was test piloted by Harime Yoshiku, CEO of Yoshiku Robotics, who has given the green light for mass production.

Harime and The Karma EXO are owned by me.

Deadline is now October 30th. FINAL EXTENSION.…

Deadline is now October 30th. FINAL EXTENSION.
Inspired by :iconjbwarner86: 's sketch.…
I've actually grown to like this concept.

One day, a curious male Bubblian learned about the human concept of "fishing." Then he had a thought: why don't I try "reverse fishing"?

Taking an old dumped fishing rod with him, he lets a floater with a hook baited with krill float upwards towards the surface.

Then he waits...then suddenly he gets a tug. A big one. He wrestles with the catch, eventually reeling it down to discover that it wasn't a fish he'd caught....

(Insert OC here)
Haruka needs a new swimsuit. Her old one is getting ...tight. ;3

Sadly, she doesn't know which one to get, so I'm inviting you guys to make one for her!

This is what she looks like.…

1. One piece and Two piece are fine.
2. All colors are fine.
3. Feel free to be creative with it.


1st place: 100 points!

2nd place: 50 points!

3rd place: 25 points.

And 10 points for those who don't make it.

Deadline is October 15th.


Deadline is now October 20th.


1. :icongraycomputer:
Contest Entry - Haruka Mantsu by GrayComputer

2. :icon736berkshire:
Haruka's New Swimsuit Design by 736berkshire

Good luck!
S: I think it's time to come clean.

My name not S. It's but an abbreviation. I have no real name. Only the name I have chosen for myself...


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