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Interesting Day Series
Interesting Day Series!
Have your OC have their own UW Peril Series!

Note me for a request!

we'll start at $3USD per page.
Underwater story
I also do underwater short stories. (Or long stories, if you so desire.) Feature your OC(s) with mine in writing if you so desire.

(currently closed)
Underwater Commissions (Colour)
Same rules as lineart. These ones take longer than lineart, a little warning there.

(currently closed)
Underwater commission (Lineart)
Simple. Request your female OC(s) to pose underwater or doing something underwater. Even with my OCs.

Either in points, or $5USD.



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Underwater breathhold artist! Join me in the bubbly, puffed-up cheeked fun!


Also if, you want to see my other (Non-Underwater Work) that most likely will not be uploaded on DA, please check out my RedBubble Page!…


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Forty Fathoms Abroad: Page 1
:iconjollyjack: 's Chloe Sinclair still casually wanders the deeper waters in her new mermaid suit.

But then she gets surprised, by a Real, live mermaid! The mermaid, fortunately is friendly and already fond of Chloe, who she thinks is an "exotic" mermaid. Unfortunately, she also plans to take Chloe back "home," which means she's about to be taken even deeper, with no backup air supply and her breath beginning to grow stale. And the local won't take no for an answer...

Hope you like it!

Chloe Sinclair is created and owned by :iconjollyjack:
The Bearers Soul Caches give them access to incredible powers that differ from each individual Bearer, from logical, to beneficial, to devastating. But such powers come with a heavy cost....on your soul. When a Bearer turns Brutal, the seals on their powers are laid bare for them to let loose on their enemies. However, every Bearer knows that it's not a good idea for remain in Brutal for any longer than 30 minutes. Otherwise, their Soul Caches begin to corrupt under the intense strain, and if not reverted to normal form....they take a horrible transformation. Their mind slowly shatters, their body warps and blackens, their powers spiral out of control and they lose their sense of self....becoming near-unstoppable abominations, called Renegades.
Renegades can also stem from humans that can't handle the stress of becoming a Bearer, but these are not as dangerous as Bearers who stemed from Bearers.
But in any case, it will kill anything it sees, with inhuman ferocity and precision. They can even outrun most Bearers and their movements are completely sporadic. They dwell in the wilds of the Dark Zones and some in the Red Zones at night. They hate bright lights and cannot stand confined spaces, even when there is prey in said spaces.
If you see a Renegade, RUN. FAST.

Hope you like it!
Renegades and Bearers are created and owned by me.
200 watchers!!!
And I've passed 200,000 views!
I was looking at some of the first RPs I did on DA, with :iconson-void: , :iconthe-victor-catbox: and some of my first friends.

.....good lord, I was awkward back then. -_-;
She's celebrating with the Coral Maidens today! Anyone's free to join!
Is on April 30th! :3

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