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Starring Carri Ford, Karin, S, and Hana

One crisp morning in the Ford Residence, the British neko beauty known as Carri Ford was getting up for her morning routine. She was home alone today, for her husband Storm as away on business.  For her it was planned to be just another day, but unbeknownst to her, she was going somewhere she wasnt expecting to go....

After having breakfast, she changed in her bikini, a violet ringed top, with a skimpy violet thong, and stepped out into her pool yard. The air was cool and brisk upon her skin, but she shook off the feeling as she was stretching her muscles out to take a little dip. She had also brought a little stopwatch.

Carri gave her body one last stretch before swan diving into the pool. As soon as she hit the water, she clicked the stopwatch to start counting. She lightly dove down towards the bottom, her buttocks lightly jiggling as she kicked. She turned around, lying down on the pools bottom, blowing the occasional bubbles from her nose. Her best breathhold time was around 9 minutes, give or take. But she works whenever she can to improve it.

At the 7 minute mark, her C-cup chest was starting to heave from lack of air, her face turning red. She clamped her mouth shut, to exhale as little as possible. 8 minutes, the heaving gets worse, her face turning a light shade of blue. 9 minutes, her usual limit was about to be hit, her chest heaving massively, breasts bobbing up and down, her face turning deep blue. But she didn't want to go up. She wanted to reach 10 minutes, and she was going to get it. But each second felt like an eternity, her body standing up on its own to prepare to surface. But she waited, eyeing her stopwatch as it ticked closer to the ten minute mark. Bubbles erupted from her mouth in bursts. But it finally hit ten minutes. With that, Carri rocketed herself up to surface, taking a huge gasp of air as she coughed.


"Whew...that....wasn't easy..." she said to herself as she pulled herself to the edge. She hoisted herself out of the pool, her slender, toned body dripping until she brushed herself with her towel. As she dried herself, she could hear her phone ringing. She picked it up.


A familiar male voice responded.

"Mrs Ford?"

She'd recognise that voice anywhere. The Bearer only known as S.

"Oh, good morning S. Long time no see."

S had his usual serious yet calm tone as he spoke.

"Yes it has been. Say, are you busy today?"

Carri raised her tail in question.

"Nay, I got a quiet day today. What do ye have in mind?'

"I see. That works well because there's someone here who wants to meet you."

Carri's ears perked up in response.

"Oh really? Who is it?"

"Another clone of yours... Karin."

Karin....Carri had met someone like her before, but only once by chance. Hearing it again piqued her curiosity.

"Ye got me attention. I'd be happy to meet her. Where do we meet?"

S lightly chuckled in response.

"Before I tell you, how are you with teleportation?"

Carri's enthusiasm suddenly dampened.

"Not good, I fear. I lose me lunch every time."

"Oh...well, I hope this time will be an exception. Anyway, someone will be there to meet yo-"

At that moment, someone knocks at Carri's door.


"Excuse me, I'll call ye back."

Carri hanged up the receiver, and quickly put on her jeans and violet tank top before opening the door. There was a white haired little girl in a white and silver dress that looked too big for her, with an aged scarf around her face.

"Hello, little one. Can I help ye?"

Without saying a word, the girl handed her a note. It read as follows:

"Hello, my name is Hana. I'm a close friend of Mr S and he sent me here to bring you over to the Dark Zone. We can go whenever you're ready."

Carri smiled at Hana after reading the letter.

"If ye can bring me home just as fast, I'd be happy to come. Just let me pack me things."

Hana nodded before sitting on the stair to wait for Carri. After finishing changing, and packing some essentials just in case, she picks up her little duffel bag and rejoined Hana at the front door. The little girl quickly stood up and pulled out a small rounded object out of her pocket. Hana tossed the object in the air, but it suspended itself in the air, before suddenly expanding into a pure black pillar as big as a person.

Carri's eyes widened at the sight before.

"Blimey....that's a portal?"

Hana nods, offering her sleeve covered hand to Carri, who happily takes it.

"My, aren't you courteous?"

She said with a catlike smile.

Together, they walked into the void portal, which closed behind them when they entered.
Hana and Carri were in total darkness. They could see nothing, but somehow they knew where to go.... And before they knew it... they were in a whole new world. One of a pure black sky, dotted with countless stars, and an endless ocean which was a mirror to the sky. And several small islands and floating villages dotted the water nearby.

Carri was dumbstruck. This was the last kind of place she was expecting to go today. She said nothing as she was soaking in this unforgettable sight.

"My live here??"

Hana nodded with a catlike smile. As Carri smiled at her, she noticed something else....her chest was looking bigger, her shirt felt tighter. Her eyes widened.

"Did.....did my tits get bigger?"

Hana nodded and signed at her.

"There's a strange anolmaly in this place, because this a different plane of reality, it causes certain physical your boobies getting bigger. :3 "

Carri sighed in annoyance.

"Why do my tits get bigger every time I work with Twogadia? I'm married, ye know."
Hey, please don't break the fourth wall. Besides, they'll return to normal when you leave.

"They better, mate. I like me tits the way they were."

Lets just move on.

Hana takes Carri's hand and leads her down to a little boat, likely used for ferrying. They clearly prepare for guests. The ferry itself is nothing special, looking old and weathered. But at least its sea worthy.

As the ferry began to move with a light jolt, the sea itself was pitch black upon looking with light waves rising in a slow calm manner. The ferry rocked gently in the waves, rocking the only two passengers in it as well.

There was an awkward silence between the two. Carri needed to break the ice.

"This ship could use a wee bit of a polish."

Hana lightly nodded.

"Do ye talk much, if ye don't me asking?"

Hana shook her head, with a sad look.

Carri frowned at her.

"Why not?"

Hana signed once again her.

"I used to sing. I loved to sing. But my voice made people mad...."

Carri's eyes widened at her response.

"So ye stay silent to prevent this?"

Hana nodded again. The air became dark and depressing. Carri then gave Hana a gentle pat on the head.

"I'm certain you have a beautiful voice."

Hana's eyes widened at Carri. She was surprised by this sudden flattery. Then she smiled, giving Carri a hug, who hugs back warmly.

Before long, the ship reaches its destination, guided in by what look like Bearers, human like in appearance but with abnormal marks and supernatural powers. This was a new sight for Carri, as she had very rarely seen a Bearer in person, apart from meeting S, and one time when some Bearer assassins paid her a visit at home, which went well....for Carri.

And now, she was in a city FULL of them. No two Bearers looked the same to her. And the town in question looked like a 50's seaside market, with large metal houses floating up near the boardwalks. There were expansions that were being built by humans and Bearers, heavy components being lifted by either telekinesis or super strength. It was like watching a fantasy film.
Carri was lost for words. She looked at everything around her as Hana led her along the harbour, towards their meeting place. A short walk later, they reach an area labelled "Diver's Cove." This part had no boardwalks, but scuba tank recharge stations, diving boards and ladders. This was obviously a popular spot for divers. Backed up by the numerous scuba and freedivers in the water, this was familiar territory for Carri. And just like that, she also saw a familiar face. A tall, skinny man, about 6 foot 11, dark hair and in all black with a 30's trenchcoat. There was a neko woman next to him who looked shockingly similar to Carri, except for red hair, bigger breasts and a curvier figure covered by a high rise, black one piece swimsuit and baggy camo pants. In fact, apart from that, this woman looked exactly like Carri.

"Hey there S. Uh, I'm guessing this is Karin?"

Karin smiled at her before glomping into her.

"Hi, Mrs Ford! It's so sweet to meet you!"

Karin hugs Carri tight, their breasts pressing together, making them both blush.

"Oy, personal space, Karin."

Karin quickly came to and backed away.

"Oh! Sorry."

Karin blushes in embarrassment.

S smiled at them.

"So Hana was a good girl to you on the way?"

Carri looked to Hana, then to S with a smile.

"Aye, she's a gorgeous, adorable little lass. I might introduce her to Lily sometime."

S chuckled lightly.

"They would hit it off, I think. In any case, are you familiar with dive fishing?"

Carri sassily pointed to her cats ears and tail.

"Who do ye think you're talking to? I never turn down a good fish."

"Well you're in luck, because the fish here, whilst they're not exactly pretty, they're known for being very delicious."

Carri's ears perked up at the sound of that.

"And Karin here is a neko girl like you, so it sounds like a good idea for you two to go on a little fishing trip. It's just as well, because you should NEVER dive alone in these waters."
Carri clenched her fist in pride with a catlike smile.

"Doesn't matter what waters I'm in, if theres'  tasty seafood out of it, I'm in! But before I before say so, is there anything I should watch out for?"

"Good question. For starters, the water itself is pitch black, so you'll want to bring a flashlight, along with your cat eyes. Also, there's some bigger fish that will beat you to the punch if they see you. So if theres one nearby, turn off your light and stay still. You'll know when its gone."

Carri was slightly unnerved by that last hint.

"But those big ones are only outside the lit buoys. Those mark the safe water."

"Aye, best to play it safe the first time."

Karin takes Carri's hand eagerly.

"We have even have a boat ready. We can go whenever you're ready."

Before long, Carri and Karin embarked on the small speedboat.
S stood with Hana on the port, lightly waving.

"Be careful out there, but we hope you get plenty of catches."

Hana waved goodbye, waving her sleeve covered arm as the two girls set off into the dark ocean. They sped out some distance, but not too far out, for they made sure not to pass the safe buoys. Karin powered down the boat and dropped the anchor.

"This is a good spot for us. Plenty of fish around here."

Carri emerged from the cabin in her violet thong bikini that she wore earlier, which made Karin leer in awe.

"Oooh, that is niiiice."

Carri takes a pouty pose at Karin.

"Watch your eyes, love. I'm married."

Karin gave a cheeky grin.

"Damn, he must be one lucky guy, to get an ass like that."

Carri furrowed her brow at Karin.

"Now, what did I just say?"

Karin laughed nervously.

"Sorry....I can't help it. When I see someone good-looking, I just let them know."

"Well, you're lucky you're a girl, love. Otherwise you'd have a lot less dates."

As Carri said that, Karin quickly took off her camo pants, revealing the rest of her one piece, which is only one strap on the back, revealing quite the wedgie in Karin's curvy backside.

"Uh, that's quite a daring swimsuit."

Karin then took a noticably suggestive pose whilst preparing to dive.

"Thank you, it'd fit you nicely too, since we're technically the same person."

"Nay, our genes may be the same, but we act very different."

Carri said as she put on her flippers, her violet dive goggles, and a flashlight. Once prepared, they both took their positions, and started taking deep breaths. Then at the same time, they both dove into the water below.

As soon Carri went under, she could see pretty much nothing. Not until she turned on her flashlight, which lit a 3 metre radius in front of her. She turned to Karin, who was already dolphin kicking down deeper, her butt wiggling noticably as she kicked. Carri dolphin kicked after her, wiggling her butt as well. There wasn't much to see of the water until they got a little deeper, they saw strange rock formations near the seafloor, inhabited by black fish with white eyes. Karin pointed to them excitedly, as if to say these are the fish they're looking for.

"Webll, leblts geblt fisblhing!"

Carri bubbled before swimming down low to pick her prey. Karin chose to stick with her. Karin swim-crawled through a small gap to a spot under the rocks where there's apparently many fish hiding. Carri crawled after her, getting a close up view of Karin all-but-exposed, wiggling buttocks but made sure not to stare, even if admiring the sight just a little bit. Karin stopped near the end, Carri nearly bumping into her. Karin motioned her to stay low. It seemed she spotted her prey. She crawled very slowly, Carri quietly following, seeing a huge school of fish commuting above them. Carri licked her lips at the sight of all that fish. Karin looked to her again.

"Geblt reabldy," she bubble whispered. They both slowly moved into a pouncing position, their butts sticking up, their heads down low, their arms stretched out, waiting for a stray fish to wander off. At this point, they had been under for 4 minutes, and Carri's chest was starting to tingle ever so slightly. She barely noticed it at the time, for her chance had appeared. Three fish had broken off from the school, and at that moment, the two girls pounced. Karin caught one in her mouth, and Carri caught one with her claws. Success! But the two looked at each other and thought, "Why stop at one?" They both nodded, and let their catlike instincts take over. Within 2 and half minutes, they both caught three more fish, but their breath was starting to get stale, Carri hitting the 7 minute mark, her chest heaving lightly and her cheeks puffed up. Karin signaled her towards a way out straight up.

Karin and Carri swam out through a tight gap above them, leading them straight back out into open water. But as they started to swim up with their catches, Karin suddenly stops.

"Whablt's wroblng, Karblin? Wble neebld tblo sublrfblace!"

Karin had a deathly frightened look on her face, she panickedly signaled Carri to turn off her flashlight. Carri wondered why on earth would she do that...but then she remembered.

"...There's some bigger fish that will beat you to the punch if they see you. So if theres one nearby, turn off your light and stay still. You'll know when its gone."

That advice from S suddenly came back to her, and she quickly turned off her light, took Karin's hand and stayed as still as she could. But she'd been under for 8 minutes, her stale breath trying to escape, and Karin was feeling the strain too.

And at that moment, something was drawing near the two girls. Something big. They couldn't see it, but they felt the water shift massively around them, with a deep low growl. Carri and Karin heaved slightly from stale air, making the creature glance in their direction. They were in big trouble. They had to stay still, or they'd be fish food. But they were almost out of breath, making staying still all the more difficult. 9 minutes in, both girls faces were turning blue, cheeks puffed out, chests fighting to heave. Each second felt like an eternity. All that was going through the girls' minds was their desperate growing need for air. More and more air escaped through their tightly puckered lips.

"Please....go away....let us breathe...let us breathe!"

The creature swirled around them for the longest seconds. It knew something was there, but not where. It looked around, felt around, swam around.

But then, the water fell calm. The creature may have left. Karin bolted upwards, pulling Carri up with her. But Carri was at her limit. All her air was streaming out through her lips. She was drowning. All Carri could do was open her mouth and inhale. But then she felt warm lips against her own. And with it, a little bit of air. It was stale, but it satisfied Carri's lungs for at least a few more seconds. Karin had shared what little air she had left with Carri. But this meant Karin was starting to weaken, exhaling and fighting to inhale. Carri was now helping Karin up, the surface couldn't be seen in this pitch black water.

They swam up and up and up.....until finally, sweet relief. Air.


The neko girls both took a huge gasp in unison, breathing sweet air for their tortured lungs.

"Shite....that....was....too....bloody close."

Carri said between her breaths.

"That thing was persistent. At least it didn't feel us up with it's tendrils."

Carri's widened at Karin.

"Wait, that thing had tendrils?!"

"Didn't S tell you?"

"No, he didn't!"

"Well, you know now. By the way, I saved your catches."

Carri then noticed she had dropped her fish. Luckliy, as Karin said, she caught them.

"Thanks. Though be careful doing something like that when you're not supposed to move."

"Oh don't worry about that, I have telekinesis."

"Ah, that's right. You're a Bearer too, aren't ye?"

Karin nods at her.

"We should head back to the boat. It's not safe out here."

"Aye, good idea."

The neko girls swam back towards their boat, which luckily was not far. The girls dropped their catches on the deck before Karin first hoisting herself up out of the water, giving Carri a close view of her wedgied rear.

"Not bad at all," Carri whispered to herself.

Carri then hoisted herself up, crawling onto the deck. Before she could stand up, Karin gave Carri's thong a firm tug, making it ride up her backside.

"NYAA!! OI!!"

Karin gave a devilish grin.

"Sorry. It was right there. I couldn't resist."

"Just cause ye stole a kiss, doesn't mean ye can get frisky with me, love. Like I said, I'm married."

"And like I said, you got one lucky guy."

Carri glared at her with an embarrassed blush.

"All right, as a way of apology, how about I treat you to an early lunch?"

Karin picks up the fish they caught.

"That's a good start."

Carri answered with a catlike smile.

Karin then took the fish into the cabin's kitchen. She started up the cooker, whilst putting the other fish in the ice cooler. After cleaning, scaling and frying the fish, Karin cut up the nicely fried fish, dashed it with some secret seasoning, and served it for her and Carri. By the time she brought the fish out, Carri was changed back into her regular clothes, whilst Karin was still just in her swimsuit.

"Aww, I was hoping we could eat in swimsuits together."

"Ye cooked in that? Doesn't seem the safest way."

"Don't sweat the details. Here, bon appetit!"

Carri could see the fish wasn't the best looking, looking not as good as, say, a salmon. But she'd try it and find out. Carri picked up the fish and the second she sank her teeth into her prize, her eyes sprung wide open. That juicy fish taste, the seasoning, it was perfect. Her tastebuds went into a state of euphoria, her mouth watering with every bite. Her cat side was flaring up from the fish, making her curl on her back with her fish. Karin was actually doing the same. Two neko girls on their backs, munching on their fish like kittens on catnip.


They knew they'd have to head back to land eventually, but they were too busy savouring this moment of taste perfection. They nearly drowned for those fish, but they both felt the trip was worth it....for Carri had found a new friend, and Karin had found herself.

Hmmm, I wonder what that seasoning was?

THE END....for now.
Fishing in the Dark
A little entry for :iconthantosedge: 's story contest.

A little piece featuring Carri with my Carri Clone, Karin, in a little fishing trip.

Hope you like it!

Carri Redwake Ford is created and owned by :iconthantosedge:
If Gabe Newell were to run for president, who would vote for him?
If Gabe Newell were to run for president, who would vote for him?
Since I was born on the 31st of March, today!

And it's S's birthday too!
I'm back from Japan! And boy did I have a blast!
Today I'm finally going to Japan. SO EXCITED!!!!
1 week from now, I'll be going to Japan for a week long trip!

And also coming up, on March 31, are my and S's birthday!

Needless to say, I'm really excited. But I don't think I'll be on DA in Japan....dang.

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